Due to the global pandemic caused by the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), CME 2020 Programme Committee together with the Local Organising Committee have decided, after thorough discussion, to postpone CME’20 by one year.

Postponing CME’20 conference poses many challenges; however we believe this is a necessary decision, in order to protect the quality of our scientific exchanges and the wellness of our participants.

We sincerely apologise to everyone for this unfortunate development.

CME’21 will be held on June 28 to July 1st, 2021 in Gdansk, Poland.

Bożena Maj-Tatsis
Chair of the Programme Committee of CME’21

Contemporary Mathematics Education

Critical thinking in mathematics: Perspectives and challenges
We warmly invite you to participate in the biennial conference on Contemporary Mathematics Education (formerly known as Children’s Mathematical Education), CME’20, which is to be held on June 29 – July 2, 2020 in Gdańsk, Poland.
 1. Aim and focus

The conference is planned as a working meeting for all those who are interested in teaching mathematics to students at all educational levels. This means that the conference is addressed to:
  1. Teacher trainers involved in:
    • in-service teacher training
    • pre-service teacher training
  2. Researchers interested in all aspects of teaching and learning mathematics (creating mathematical concepts and procedures, developing mathematical thinking, teacher – pupil interaction, teaching process, manuals and books. etc)
  3. Mathematicians, who want to support teaching mathematics at school level.
  4. Reflective practitioners (teachers)
 2. Theme of the conference

Critical thinking in mathematics: Perspectives and challenges

 3. Activities during conference
  1. Plenary lectures – 4 one-hour long lectures. The program includes plenary sessions during which invited speakers will focus on aspects of the conference theme. The plenaries provide a shared input to the conference and form a basis for discussions during seminars.
  2. Working seminars - the most important part of the conference. We plan to organize a work focused on 4 educational levels: children 3-9 years old, kindergarten and primary education; 10 – 12 years old, primary school; 13 – 15 years old, secondary school, 16 – 18 years old, higher secondary school. Each participant is invited to be a member of one of the working groups that will meet several times during the conference. Discussions and exchange of experiences and ideas are the essential aspects of this activity. Each group will be coordinated by leaders.
  3. Research Reports - Parallel sessions of 20 minutes oral presentations, followed by a 5-minute discussion. Presentations should be related to the theme of the conference.
  4. Workshops - Participants are encouraged to take part in workshops. These will involve a more extended type of contribution which should focus on concrete activities and encourage an active participation through working on materials, problems or questions. The workshop will last for about 1hour 30 min.
  5. Poster exhibition - Participants are encouraged to display their works in the exhibition hall.

 4. Time and place

The conference is to be held on June 29 – July 2, 2020 at University of Gdańsk, in Gdańsk, Poland.

  5. Language

The official conference language is English.

  6. Contacts

For any questions please contact Bozena Maj-Tatsis:

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