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Visegrad Fund
The project named "Supporting independent thinking through mathematical education", serial No. of the project 20810199, is supported from the financial resources of the International Visegrad Fund
Rzeszow University
The University of Rzeszów has its leading role in initiating and keeping great and wide scientific, social and cultural contacts with neighbouring countries and our partners from European Community. Geo-cultural conditions open many possibilities of cooperating through the structure of Carpathian Euroregion and it is still one of its priorities to keep international cooperation fluent and profitable.
Nowa EraPublishing House "Nowa Era"
Iwonicz-ZdrjCommunity of Iwonicz-Zdrój
MENMinistry of National Education
Uzdrowisko Iwonicz S.A.Uzdrowisko Iwonicz S.A.

Media coverage

Telewizja RzeszwPolish Television TVP S.A. Department in Rzeszów

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