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Working seminars - the most important part of the conference. Each participant is invited to be a member of one of the working groups that will meet several times during the conference. Discussions and exchange of experience and ideas are the essential aspects of this activity. It is designed as a "room for participants who want to create something useful for their future work, based on the ideas gathered during the conference". Participants will not present ready-made results, but will work together to create something new. They will work on their materials and ideas that they got during conference, to work it out for classroom practice. Such work could have the potential to help participants find the conference more engaging, and to help participants in their further professional work. It will also make the conference a valuable catalyst in provoking new projects that grow out of the work of the conference itself.
Each group will be coordinated by leaders. Leaders/facilitators will prepare brief materials for sending to participants in advance, so that the conference meeting can begin "in the middle" rather than start from scratch.

We plan to organize a work focused on 4 educational levels:
1. Children 3-6 years old, kindergarten
2. Children 7-9 years old, primary education
3. Children 10 - 12 years old, primary school
4. Children 13 - 16 years old, secondary school
They will all be arrnaged by age/grade/level.

We are also open on possibilities to discuss problems related to teaching on a higher level.

A result of the collaboration we expect to be able to create a draft version of materials that would be useful in working with children. This will include examples of activities together with comments and remarks. These materials will be elaborated by group leaders and members of program committee and they will be published as a book. -->

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