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We hope that all participants will contribute actively to the conference by sharing with others their experiences and views in the various sessions.
All papers submitted must be strictly related to the theme of the conference and will be reviewed by a panel of experts. The accepted papers will then be published in the monograph titled like the conference theme and will be handed out to participants at the start of conference.

Participants can send a proposal for an oral presentation (Research Report), a workshop, or a poster.


Research Reports should contain:
  • The aim of the research,
  • Reference to relevant publications,
  • Methodology,
  • The presentation of the results and their analysis,
  • Conclusions.
All papers should contain a title, authors' names and affiliations and a short summary of the content.
Research reports should be no longer than 10 pages.
Contributions for Workshops should be no longer than 2 pages.
Contributions for Posters should be no longer than 1 page.
All papers should be printed in Times New Roman. The page should be suitable for transcription to A4 size, with text dimension being 16 cm x 24.7 cm ( ie a 2.5 cm margin on A4 paper).
The font size to be used is 14 with "single" spacing between lines and 6 point space between paragraphs.

The CME_Template for papers and poster proposals

For your convenience, and also in order to achieve a uniform appearance for all CME papers, we provide a template for your document. The template is available to download from this web site:

Download  CME_template

Please use this template in order to format your document and do not change the styles or margins given in the template.
The filename of the template is CME_Template.
When you start using your template you are advised to save a backup copy, delete the text in the template in which you write your paper, and save that document under a new name (saved as .doc or .docx).

Please send us your computer file by using Microsoft Word (saved as .doc or .docx) with your proposal to the following e-mail address:


Please note that the title of the message should be CME.

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