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Talented pupils - their identification and support through learning environments

Guided by: Naďa Stehlíková, Jaroslav Zhouf - Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education

The main focus of the working seminars will be on several substantial learning environments which can be used (not only) for talented pupils in mathematics aged 13-16 or older.
The theoretical part will consist of a) the characteristics of a talented pupil in mathematics, and b) ways of his/her identification in mixed-ability classes. This identification is, for example, through various mathematical competitions, such as Mathematical Olympiad, Kangaroo Competition, Correspondence Seminars, etc. These competitions together with motivating learning environments can help teachers to support mathematically talented pupils who attend mixed-ability classes.
The practical part will focus on concrete learning environments, both the geometric (such as polyominoes, tessellations, geometric figures in non-traditional metrics, trileg-geometry, circle inversion) and arithmetic ones (non-traditional numerical systems, arithmetic sequences of higher orders including figural numbers and some combinatorial problems).
All of them are:
  • related to significant mathematical contents, processes and procedures,
  • a rich source of mathematical activities,
  • flexible and can be adapted to the special conditions of a classroom (Wittman, 2001).
The participants will be acquainted with the environments and some will be elaborated in more detail.

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