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Guided by: Günter Krauthausen/University of Hamburg, Petra Scherer/University of Bielefeld
Working with substantial learning environments and natural differentiation in mathematics education differs from traditional kinds of differentiation and often is a still unused way for mathematics teachers. Therefore, the working seminar will start with a range of self-experiences in dealing with arithmetical learning environments which fulfil the criteria of ›substantial learning environments‹ and ›natural differentiation‹.
Another important focus of the seminar will be to clarify the mathematical substance of those learning environments. This analysis is crucial for teachers in order to identify the mathematical potential for students, to react flexible during lessons, to be able to help students by posing good questions and giving impulses, to find rich variations, and to extend a learning environment for higher grades.
Didactical reflections form another important part of the seminar. We want to make visible how a (well selected) pool of substantial learning environments enables the teacher to cover several contents of the curriculum, various aims of mathematical education, on several grades, for all students, and with different types of tasks/problems (open tasks; problem oriented tasks, operative-structured tasks, investigations).
Activities and discussions in the seminar will be enriched by experiences and examples from the NaDiMa project. Reflections, among others, will cover aspects like how to put the learning environments into action as well as the analysis of students’ documents and of video clips from classroom situations.

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