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Using rich tasks to support and develop children's understanding of and skills in mathematical generalising.

Guided by: Jenni Back, NRICH Primary Co-ordinator (Website)
Centre for Mathematical Sciences


Outline: The working seminars will use tasks developed for the NRICH website ( to explore the nature of tasks that help children to understand and develop skills in mathematical generalising. We will examine the nature of rich tasks and consider aspects which make them accessible to all children as well as challenging for the highest attainers (low threshold, high ceiling). We will consider different aspects of mathematical processes that contribute to generalising such as working systematically, exploring possibilities, conjecturing and hypothesising, justifying and verifying, visualising and modelling. Participants are welcome to bring their own examples of activities for this age group which help to support generalising skills and these can be shared with the group. We hope to work in collaborative ways to develop both a rich understanding of the nature of the tasks and also the ways in which they may be used in classrooms with children and teachers.

Biographical details:
Jenni Back is currently working for the NRICH Project, University of Cambridge as joint primary coordinator with responsibility for the website, its development and the creation of resources. She is interested in supporting teachers and children at elementary level to understand the Big Ideas in mathematics and to develop enthusiasm for and confidence in the subject. This post follows on from her previous work in initial teacher education, research into teaching and learning mathematics and professional development work with teachers in school. Jenni is chair of the Association of Mathematics Education Teachers, co-editor of Primary Mathematics and on the General Council of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics.

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