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Abstract of the Working Seminar (13-15 years old)
Michal Tabach,

Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Alex Friedlander,

Senior Staff Scientist
Weizmann Institute of Science

In this seminar, we will consider three aspects of inquiry-based learning.
  • Tasks. We will present examples of investigative tasks, and discuss some of their characteristics – for example, integrating several mathematical topics, employing multiple representations, being presented to students at an earlier stage, relating to an authentic context, and allowing for multiple solutions or for multiple solution methods.
  • Students' thinking processes. We will present and analyze examples of thinking processes displayed by students engaged in inquiry-based learning – for example, constructing examples and counter-examples, posing questions and problems, employing reversed thinking, employing divergent thinking, connecting tasks, generalizing and justifying, employing metacognitive thinking (making conjectures, monitoring, reflecting), and communicating.
  • Learning environments. We will discuss several environments conducive to inquiry-based learning – for example, the Launch-Explore-Summarize lesson-structure, student-led class discussions, and computer-based inquiry.

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