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Abstract of the Working Seminar (3-6 years old)

Kindergarten mathematics in the real world
Chrysanthi Skoumpourdi

Associate Professor, University of the Aegean

The working seminar 'Kindergarten mathematics in the real world' would focus on the correlations between kindergarten mathematics and real world situations and on the importance of this dynamic connection.

The following issues would be discussed:
  • What do we mean by 'mathematics in the real world'?
  • Is a real situation for us, always real for kindergarten children?
  • Which concepts, of the core mathematical units that are taught in kindergarten, can be related with real-world situations?
  • Which real-world situations could be used as a context for designing mathematical activities for kindergartners?
  • Under what circumstances are real-world mathematics activities motivate children's mathematical learning?
  • What triggers children's interest to participate to these activities?
  • Does educational material play a role to this dynamic connection between kindergarten mathematics and real world situations?
  • Could we distinguish the factors that are necessary both for designing activities and for creating educational material appropriate for kindergarten mathematics in the real world?
During the seminar (four sessions, 1.5 hour each) we would work together, discuss and exchange experience and ideas in order to design real-world mathematical activities, as well as educational material for the teaching practice.

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